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M. Clare Schuller is a partner with the law firm of Cooch, Bowers and Schuller and a graduate of University of Maryland School of Law. She is Chair of the Legislative Committee of the Maryland Land Title Association and served on two workgroups put together by the Maryland Secretary of State to study Remote Online Notary Technology. In 2015 Clare developed closing procedures based on Virginia’s original remote online notary laws, and became the first Virginia settlement agency ever to obtain permission from a major title insurance underwriter to use the technology in an insured real estate transaction. In her law practice, Clare advises banks on secured transactions and is a licensed Settlement Officer in the State of Maryland.


With SIGNix software in place Progressive Title is fully capable of conducting remote online notarization closings. SIGNix brings a high level of security with its ground breaking technology. When your lender is ready, Progressive Title is capable of conducting a RON closing. Contact Clare Schuller 410-974-0670 for further information.

— COVID-19 Update —

 Progressive Title Corporation remains open as an essential business. We will close every transaction in the safest way possible for all affiliated individuals. We do however encourage realtors and loan officers not to physically attend closings at this time. 

best buy Seroquel In-Person Closings May Still Occur:

MLTA has confirmed with the Governor’s office that residential and commercial real estate closings may still occur. The Executive Order 20-03-30-01 (Stay at Home Order) does not list all essential activities. That said, persons leaving their homes to go to and from an Essential Business is permissible under the Order. Section II.b.i. defines Essential Activities as “obtaining necessary supplies or services for one’s self or household.” The settlement of real estate is an essential activity for one’s self or household and is a permissible reason to leave one’s home or residence. 

— Progressive Title —

Opened in 1989, Progressive Title Corporation’s continuing commitment to customer service has made us one of the most successful title companies in Maryland. As agents of First American and Fidelity National Title Group, two of the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation, we have the strength and experience to ensure that you are protected in the purchase or refinance of your home

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The Law Office of Cooch, Bowers & Schuller PA was created in 1988 when the original principals, Andrew Cooch and David A. Bowers opened their first office just outside of Annapolis, Maryland. One year later, they incorporated Progressive Title Corporation as an adjunct to their thriving law practice. Progressive Title has developed a strong reputation by providing clients with top-quality service that is the result of individualized attention, years of experience, and cost-effective representation