Women Council of Realtors Against Trafficking

Manjeri Before working as the Customer Service Manager and Settlement Officer, Ms. Christie Kajz has quite some accolades to her life as a Maryland Resident. Before moving here to Progressive title as a member of the team, Ms. Kajz worked with Mission 14 that strived to fight and extinguish human trafficking and dangerous living environments for families and homes. Ms. Kajz worked as one of the head hotline representatives as they found that she had a soothing voice that helped calm the victims of distress. Within this line of work, she was able to see with her owns eyes the magnitude of people affected. She was able to directly interact and change society for the good in hopes to eliminate evil. When joining Progressive Title, Ms. Christie educated us on the magnitude of the situation and how much trafficking and abduction directly affected our community. Since then, Progressive Title always showed our best foot forward when it comes to supporting the changing of society for the better, especially when it comes to the tearing of the home.

buy Latuda reddit Within recent years, Maryland has seen a steady increase in human trafficking and abduction. As Ms. Christie Kajs worked professionally in the field of human trafficking in being the hotline representative for people experiencing human trafficking and abduction. We as Progressive Title feel very supportive in organizations and events that push to change for this treacherous act. We have been honorarily invited on behalf of The Women Council of Realtors to support their recent charity event, taking place at The Horseshoe Casino. We are looking forward to being able to support the organization that funds and pushes to change the hostile environment we live in today. Progressive Title Company knows house buying can be a very tough experience and obstacle to maneuver, we believe in putting as much ease as we can into the environment of being a home buyer, even down to helping make this place a safer place when you’re home.