Open House Guide During Virus Spread As NAR states, you should consult with your brokers and take into account current orders being taken place around your area such as a “Shelter in Place” as this may change the state of real estate and/or permit events such as Open Houses. If open houses are permitted within your area, NAR encourages you to hold open housing to respect the actions and requests of federal, state and local authorities and keeping to the recommendation of keeping gatherings less than ten people.


If a client or other correspondents are adamant about holding an open house for the real estate at hand, please know that it is not required whatsoever to put yourself and especially others at risk to service a client or correspondent. We suggest consulting with the individual about the potential risks and current mandates set out within your local area to help educate and reason with the individual.

If you and the clients mutually decide to hold an open house, please use the necessary precautions given by the Center for Disease Control and the President.


In the guide for the COVID-19 virus, the CDC and President Stated that gatherings must be less than ten people. NAR suggests that there should be a one and a time tour around the house to minimize numbers and continue “social distancing”. Please let the people conducting the open house and the guests aware of the necessary precautions before entering. We suggest all participants and guests wash their hands and remove/cover footwear with booties to minimize the spreading of germs. Lastly, consult with the clients conducting the open house in cleaning the house thoroughly before and after the open house event.


If you have concerns about potential contamination of the virus via clients and/or guests. It is reasonable and encouraged to ask if the individuals are sick or have any reason to be contaminated by the virus. It is encouraged to direct such questions to all potential buyers and clients on an equal and respectful basis.


With our incredible geniuses within the world, we have been fortunate to have so many opportunities and platforms to be able to advertise and show our homes in other manners other than a physical representation of the real estate. This would be a perfect time to use online capabilities such as video touring of the house, on-demand open houses, and many other opportunities.