Why is Progressive Title the Best Choice for Service and Value?


can you buy Ivermectin over the counter Advantages of Progressive Title:

  • As an independent title company,  http://eecoswitch.com/Catalog Files/ Progressive earns its business.
  • Progressive takes the time necessary to make sure that its customers understand all aspects of the process and do not feel steamrolled into something.
  • Our work speaks for itself - accurate, fast, competitively priced.
  • We value relationships we build with customers and realtors, and work hard to ensure we deserve to earn new and repeat business.
  • We are independent, and are therefore free from risk of a class action lawsuit based on sham affiliates.
  • Loan officers and real estate agents maintain their independence when working with us, ensuring that they are free to do their job of working for the best interests of their client.
  • We offer competitive rates, ensuring that value doesn't come at the cost of good service!  If you find a better bottom line, talk to us and we will see whether we can match the price.
  • Progressive Title has adopted the American Land Title Association Best Practices recommendation, making us compliant with the new requirements of the Consumer Federal Protection Bureau.
  • At Progressive Title, our focus is on protecting the home buyer, and making the process smooth, honest and transparent.
Dangers of Affiliated Title Companies:

Some title companies are affiliates of loan officers or real estates agents/brokers, referring customers to the affiliate in return for cash or a "return on investment."  This relationship can come with some hidden costs.  When choosing a title company, keep these thoughts in mind.  We feel confident you will choose Progressive Title, the independent choice for a successful settlement!

  • Loan officers and realtors lose independence when they are affiliated with a title company.  They may not be as likely to question prices or quality of service.
  • Loan officers and realtors working with affiliated title companies may appear to have a conflict of interest - their affiliate relationship may not benefit their customer.
  • Referrals to affiliate companies may be based on payments to loan officers, or agents/brokers, rather than which company would offer the best service and value to the customer.
  • If the title company service is poor, it reflects on the real estate agent and broker who are affiliated with them.