Progressive Title Corporation

and its staff will continue to serve their clients while taking common sense precautions to assure everyone that it has taken steps toward the health and safety of all.

  1. HAND SANITIZING REQUIRED. We ask that everyone, prior to contact with others, should wash their hands. In the alternative, please use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the office. Anyone who feels sick or has been exposed to COVID-19 will not be allowed in the office. We ask you to refrain from the usual handshakes and/or other forms of touching.
  2. SURFACE CLEANING: Our office has implemented a policy of regular surface cleaning of all table tops, door knobs, and surfaces likely to be in contact with staff and clients. This is done after each meeting and every four hours from opening to close of business.
  3. FASTER CLOSINGS: We will endeavor to be fully prepared and move you through the process quickly. However, we will not force anyone through critical legal documents until they are comfortable that they have had adequate time to review and understand what they are signing.
  4. TEAM EFFORT: In the event that your Attorney, Settlement Office or Processor is out of the office or unable to complete the work on your settlement, another member of our team will be able to help. We will continue to review recommendations by Federal and Local Health Agencies, and our policy will be updated if the situation changes.

Darya Khān On Behalf of everyone at Progressive Title Corporation, We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time. We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. 

Further Information of The Policy and Recent Orders:

  • Pursuant to order No. 20-03-23-01 issued by Governor Larry Hogan on March 23, 2020, all non-essential businesses and other establishments have been closed to protect the people of further outbreak to the virus. Progressive Title and it's affiliated law firm has been classified as both Financial Service provider and a Government Facility. Therefore, we are open for business. In order to comply with the spirit of the order, we ask that the parties keep those of attendance to a minimum. We encourage all Realtors, and Loan Officers to not physically attend the closing unless there is a pressing need, 
  • MLTA has confirmed with the Governor’s office that residential and commercial real estate closings may still occur. The Executive Order 20-03-30-01 (Stay at Home Order) does not list all essential activities. That said, persons leaving their homes to go to and from an Essential Business is permissible under the Order. Section II.b.i. defines Essential Activities as “obtaining necessary supplies or services for one's self or household.” The settlement of real estate is an essential activity for one's self or household and is a permissible reason to leave one's home or residence. That said, where possible, alternate means such as remote notarization, or remote closing should be practiced.